The sweet taste of water and success.
  • The tap of dreams opened for her.
  • Thirsty next to a river. Not anymore.
  • From just 2 buckets of water a day to a stronger and healthier life.
  • How a small village WASHed away its water worries.
WaterAid/ Ronny Sen

The tap of dreams opened for her.

With a tap connection and a toilet in her home, 13 year old Saraswati’s life has changed immensely.

While earlier, all her spare time before and after school was spent in collecting water from a hand-pump, located about a kilometre away from her home, today she spends that time doing what she loves– studying! She aspires to become a teacher one day.

As she fills the utensils with the tap water, she is relaxed and happy, as one of her major tasks for the day is now taken care off.

Almost all the families living in this village belong to the Gond community, an Adivasi tribe. Open defecation and walking miles to collect water were a common practice for Saraswati. While her parents work in the farm, Saraswati has a lot of responsibilities to take care of, from washing utensils to cooking. As a result of WaterAid’s awareness drive in the village, Saraswati's family, like several others, got a tap connection and a toilet in their house last year.